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SeaBoats has been established to market and sell a wide range of boats, recreational and commercial, new and used, to a broad global audience.

Our dedicated international teams of sales professionals are strategically located around the world and utilize modern communication strategies and a vast network of industry associates.

If you are buying or selling, let the SeaBoats team work for you.

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Jeanneau Sun Fizz Ketch 40 1982 11.95m Greece
12.13m Fishing Vessel 12.13m Australia
NEW BUILD - 25m Offshore Fishing Cat - Kitset 24.9m Australia
Luxury Houseboats w/ Business & Property     Australia
44m Steel Motor Yacht 2010 44.35m Spain
NEW BUILD - 12m Ambulance Boat - Kitset 12.2m Australia
NEW BUILD - 25m Yacht - Rhino II 25m Turkey
French Pilot Boat For Sale 2020 11.35m France
54m Navigator & Arthurs Yachts BS 54 54m Egypt
Bavaria SR 41 2022 13.21m Belgium
37m Diving Vessel For Sale 2016 37m Egypt
2x Yokohama Marine Fenders     Australia
DGS Monster 22 2021 7m USA
15.8m Catamaran - Kitset 15.80m Australia
NEW BUILD - 14.8m Open Coastal Ferry - Kitset 14.8m Australia
Ribcraft 12.5 Pro 12.5m Australia
42m General Egy Lloyd's Dive Yacht 2005 42m Egypt
80.10m Catamaran Car Ferry 1998 80.10m South Korea
33.4m Dive Boat For Sale 2022 33.40m Egypt
40m Suez Dive Liveabroad (2009) For Sale 2009 40m Egypt
15.94m Fishing Vessel 1990 15.94m Australia
Monachus 70 Fly 2022 21.1m Croatia
15.3m Cray Fishing Vessel 1983 15.3m Australia
NEW BUILD - Ribcraft 6.8 Pro 6.8m Australia
15.40m Sailing Yacht 2017 15.40m France
103.5m High Speed Car Ferry 1996 103.5m Japan
61m (200ft) River Cruiser 2013 61m Australia
47m Catamaran Fast Ferry 2009 47.5m Hong Kong
Dufour 390 G 2020 12.2m Greece
Moody 38 CC 1985 11.70m Greece
46m Landing Craft 1994 46m Australia
Bayliner 3688 1996 10.98m Greece
40.2m Fast Alloy Passenger Catamaran Ferry 1989 40.20m Greece
58 ‘NORDIA CRUISER Pilot House 1997 17.70m Turkey
Hunter 376 1997 11.30m Greece
Rush 28 1980 9.34m Greece
34.5m Crane Barge 1968 34.5m New Zealand
341 Pax Ship 1992 38m China
7.5m Ultra Long Range Vessel 7.65m Australia
Fairline Targa 52 2004 16.1m Greece
76m Research Vessel 1972 76.6m Denmark
Atlantic 49 1990 14.70m Greece
Cyclades 50.5 2007 15.65m Greece
NEW BUILD - 14m Yacht (KRC45) 14m Turkey
NEW BUILD - 52m Yacht 52m Turkey
NEW BUILD - 42m Crew Supply Vessel - Kitset 42m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - KRCM 110 New Series "T-REX" 33.50m Turkey
NEW BUILD - KRCM 110 New Series "EXUMA EXPLORER" 33.5m Turkey
NEW BUILD - 18m Yacht (KRC57 / KRC57X) 17.6m Turkey
32m Wave Piercing Monohull Ferry 2008 32m Japan
NEW BUILD - 16m Yacht (KRC52) 15.9m Turkey
Oceanis 411, built 1998 1998 12.71m Greece
Elan Power 42 2007 12.5m Greece
Hanse 430 2010 13.3m Greece
56.16m LCT 1992 56.16m UAE
19m High Speed Catamaran Ferry 2019 19m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 36ft Professional Diving RIBS 10.83m Costa Rica
45m Customized Dive Liveaboard Yacht (2021) For Sale 2021 45m Egypt
Thirsty 30 Trawler 30 2023 9.3m Turkey
NEW BUILD - Ribcraft 9.0 Pro 9m Australia
43m Live-aboard Dive Boat 2019 43m Egypt
Lagoon 440 2006 13.41m Greece
15.2m Inshore Survey Vessel For Charter 15.2m UK
IMEXUS 28 2007 8.46m Greece
NEW 32m 5220Bhp 70TBP ASD Escort Tug 2022 32m China
NEW BUILD - 24.5m Motor Yacht 24.5m Turkey
25m Custom Dive Boat Liveaboard (2019) For Sale 2019 25m Egypt
27m Trawler 1992 30.5m UK
For Sale Company Quetzal Excursions With 75 Feet Catamaran 2013 22.9m Dominican Republic
2000HP Tugboat (With Pusher Pad) 2005 26m Singapore
Azimut 98 Leonardo 2005 30m Turkey
Dehler 36 2002 10.95m Greece
3200HP Tug with Pusher Pad 2008 33m Singapore
NEW BUILD - 12m Open Coastal Ferry - Kitset 12.4m New Zealand
54.86m Deck Barge 2018 54.86m Australia
33m Schooner 1991 33m UK
NEW BUILD - Ribcraft 10.5 Wide Pro 10.5m Australia
12m High Speed Passenger or Dive Cat - Kitset 12.48m Australia
39m Suez Safari Dive Yacht (2006) For Sale 2006 39m Egypt
35.11m Self Propelled Barge 1975 35.11m New Zealand
Minoa 170 17m Turkey
Wauquiez Centurion 45 1986 13.53m Italy
1200HP Tug 2008 23.5m Singapore
NEW BUILD - Ribcraft 10.5 Pro 10.5m Australia
Bianca 360 1990 11m Greece
NEW BUILD - 24ft Professional Diving RIBS 7.47m Costa Rica
NEW BUILD - 28ft Professional Diving RIBS 8.65m Costa Rica
NEW BUILD - 20m Landing Craft - Kitset 20m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 33ft Professional Diving RIBS 10m Costa Rica
NEW BUILD - KRCM 110 New Series "Rhino III" 33.5m Turkey
52m Navigator Passenger Yacht 2019 52m Egypt
Touring 36 10.9m UAE
NEW BUILD - Ribcraft 7.8 Pro 7.8m Australia
NEW BUILD - 120 pax Passenger Ferry Cat - Kitset 19m Australia
16m Pilot Boat 2000 16.15m IRR 65,000UK
4x Pneumatic Rubber Fender (Yokohama Tye) 5m €11,000Georgia
Proline 3250 1998 10m €35,000Bulgaria
Business For Sale     €46,200Spain
1978 FREYA 39 Cutter 1978 11.89m $50,000Malaysia
19m Workboat 1980 19m €50,000Portugal
Colvic Countess 37 1987 11.5m €58,000Greece
11m (35ft) SailBoat 1986 10.66m $64,900USA
Sun Odyssey 42.1 1995 12.80m €68,000Greece
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 2001 14m €87,000Greece
X-Yachts X332 Sport Race Pack Refit 2002 50' €90,000Italy
Beneteau 51ft Oceanis 15.65m $115,000Grenada
9.25 m Multipurpose Work Boat 2022 9.25m €125,000Turkey
AD-Star Crew & Service Boat 2016 15.20m $140,000Egypt
12m High-performance Sailing Yacht 2007 12m $240,000New Zealand
35ft Pilot Boat 2007 10.60m €150,000Australia
31m Security Vessel 1995 31m $160,000Kuwait
24m Patrol Boat 1996 24m $170,000Japan
Beneteau First 47.7 Performance Cruiser 2003 14.5m $290,000New Zealand
26m Patrol Boat 1993 26m $185,000Japan
NEW BUILD - 25m Semi-submarine - Kitset 24.6m $305,000Australia
Bavaria 46 Cruiser, built 2018 2018 14.27m €227,000Greece
27m Luxury Sailing Charter Yacht 1999 27m $245,000Thailand
13T Bollard Pull Inland Tug for Sale 2020 16m $250,000India
Bavaria 46 Cruiser, built 2019 2019 14.27m €250,000Greece
21.85m Tug 1967 21.85m €250,000Finland
13.4m Pilot Boat 2009 13.40m €250,000Australia
Versatile 15m Research Vessel for sale or long term charter 2002 14.95m $495,000New Zealand
36m LCT 1994 35.53m $315,000Brunei Darussalam
36m LCT 1993 35.53m $315,000Brunei Darussalam
23.6m Turkish Type Boat Gulet 1996 23.60m €300,000Turkey
NEW BUILD - 10.50m Pilot Boat 10.50m $353,000Indonesia
18.26m Charter Launch 1998 18.26m $600,000New Zealand
Versatile 12m Aluminium Catamaran 2002 14m $625,000Australia
3x 2011 Caterpillar C280-8 Offshore Generators (Never Used) 2011 20' $425,000Brazil
NEW BUILD - 12.5m Landing Craft - Kitset 12.5m $670,000Australia
22.8m 1995 Sailboat Cassanelli Spa 75ft 1995 22.8m $450,000Turkey
900T Tanker 2012 53.20m $490,000China
67m Dumb Barge 2008 67.30m $500,000Singapore
31.4m Aluminium Workboat 1988 31.4m $550,000UK
18m Aluminium Ferry / Crew Transfer Vessel 2013 18m $1,000,000New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 14m Alloy Cray Boat - Kitset 14m $960,000Australia
806T Oil Tanker 2010 49.50m $650,000China
33.5m Fishing Vessel 1995 33.5m $750,000South Africa
64.95m Landing Craft 2008 64.95m $800,000Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 13m Harbour Tug 2023 13m €800,000Turkey
3500 tons, 89.8m Oil Tanker 2001 89.80m $850,000China
22m Custom Charter Catamaran - Business for Sale 1986 22m $1,363,158Australia
NEW BUILD - 12.8 Apex Pilot Boat 12.8m $900,000Costa Rica
29m Twin Screw Tug 2006 29m $900,000Indonesia
17m Catamaran Workboat 2008 16.9m €900,000Portugal
29m 3200 HP Twin Screw Tug 2006 29m $975,000Indonesia
54.3m Oil / Bunker Tanker 2017 54.30m $999,000Indonesia
42.28m Passenger Yacht 1984 42.28m $1,000,000Canada
35m High Speed Alum Passenger Ferry 1995 35m $1,600,000Australia
NEW BUILD - 21.5m Multi-purpose High Speed Vessel 21.5m $1,025,000Sri Lanka
33.20m Aluminum SWATH Crew Boat for Sale, Bareboat Charter, or Joint V 1999 33.20m $1,100,000USA
81m Landing Craft for Sale 2014 81.7m $1,270,000China
4454T Oil Tanker 2003 102.73m $1,300,000China
40m Cat Ferry 2004 39.98m $1,350,000South Korea
2220T Chemical Tanker 2005 81.65m $1,400,000China
262 TEU MPP Container Ship 2009 98m $1,420,000China
80ft Cheoy Lee Yacht Fish 2006 24.38m $1,499,999USA
165ft Crew Boat 1997 50.30m $1,750,000USA
170ft Crew Boat 2002 51.82m $1,950,000USA
Monte Carlo 76 2012 23.5m $1,950,000Turkey
300 TEU MPP Container Ship 2010 99.24m $1,980,000China
72m LCT 2010 72.47m $2,100,000Indonesia
67m Landing Craft / Day Passenger / Car Ferry 1999 67m €2,000,000Greece
300ft LCT Barge 2015 91.40m $2,200,000China
Transshipment Floating Crane 40t For Sale 2020 50.40m $2,200,000China
74.94m Cargo Vessel 1993 74.94m €2,200,000Egypt
70.52m Full Container Landing Craft Tank 2015 70.52m $2,400,000Indonesia
98m Cargo Vessel 2001 98m $2,800,000China
37m AHT and 105m Steel Dumb Barge - To be sold as set 2008 37m $2,900,000Malaysia
54.37m Landing Craft 2009 54.37m $3,075,000Australia
Maison Marine 66 2023 20.32m $3,300,000Turkey
3500 DWT SID DBC with Excavator 1992 87.83m €3,300,000Australia
116.96m Single Decker Cargo Vessel For Sale 1994 116.96m $3,600,000Australia
40.06m Diving Yacht Liveaboard For Sale 2020 40.6m €3,500,000Egypt
82m Ro-Ro / Passenger Ship 1996 82m $4,000,000India
96.9m Bulk Carrier 2009 96.9m $4,100,000Australia
89m Cargo Vessel 1996 89m €3,900,000Australia
96m 4645T Bitumen Tanker 2014 96.9m $4,300,000China
4000cbm /6000t Sand Carrier Dredger 2020 104.80m $5,000,000China
90.5m Oil Tanker 2005 90.5m $5,200,000Australia
NEW BUILD - Holiday Boat Sun Deck 57 17.3m €5,000,000Poland
105.5m Cargo Vessel 1999 105.50m $5,500,000Turkey
NEW 33m / 4400bhp / 55ton ASD Escort Tug 2023 32.5m $5,500,000Malaysia
150m RoRo Ferry 1995 149.97m $6,000,000Bulgaria
104.61m Sand Carrier 6000t Cheap Sale (2 in 1) Self-discharge Vessel 2020 104.61m $6,000,000China
134m Bulk Carrier 2006 134m $6,500,000Australia
108.2m General Cargo / Double Skin Box Open Hatch 2009 108.2m $7,200,000Australia
172.8m Bulk Carrier 2010 172.8m $7,900,000China
25000t Self-suction & Self-discharge Vessel (3-in-1 Dredger) For Sale 2022 170.46m $16,000,000China
2x Multipurpose / Container Vessel For Sale - Single or En Bloc 2011 138.6m $25,000,000USA
3800t Crane Barge Cheap Sale 2011 148.40m $61,000,000China

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