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Horizon Offshore Services (HOS) is an alliance group of companies that provides comprehensive Shipbroking services to its global clients base focused on the offshore oil & gas upstream/ midstream markets. Whilst it is thoroughly integrated Offshore Project Management company offering the full range of services including Sale & Purchase, Chartering, Valuations, Consultancy, Technical Ship Management and Maintenance for all sophisticated offshore production/ drilling & renewable assets.

Additional Marine Services:

- Management of Offshore Oil & Gas Production Platforms and Drilling Campaigns
- Dry Dock Procurement & Contract Services with PM Support
- Newbuilding Contracting
- Financing further Offshore Projects & Assets
- Pre-purchase Offshore Inspections - Technical Surveys
- Marine Insurance Support
- Bunkering and Port Calls
- Transport & Delivery of Vessels Worldwide
- Wet/ Dry Towage
- Sourcing of marine/ drilling equipment/ systems
- Reactivation & Upgrades of Offshore Vessels.

Our offices in USA, UAE & Europe remain at your disposal.


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KFELS “B” CLASS INDEPENDENT LEG-CANTILEVER TYPE JACK-UP DRILLING UNITThe rig is laid-up status/ cold stacked by its reputable Owners. She features greater capacities in terms of space, weights and volumes for bulks, liquids and general cargo compared to previous jack-up generations. The rig was awarded rig of the Quarter across ExxonMobil’s international MODU fleet and was also presented with their prestigious Gold Award for working more than 200,000 man-hours without work time injury as a result of its exceptional operational and HSE performance.In additio... read more
HIGH SPEED CATAMARAN FERRY2009 I 47m I 417PAX I HIGH SPEED CATAMARAN FERRY AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALE We are pleased to propose a 2009 built by “Austal” High-Speed Catamaran with 417 Pax capacity currently available for private sale. She has LOA: 47m and is equipped with 4 x MTU 4000 M70 + “Kamewa” Waterjets that can deliver 43kn. Vessel is fully renovated and upgraded in 2022/ 2023. – Class (special survey) was renewed in April 2023. – She is HSC 1994 type, and all exemption... read more
PRICE REDUCED 2022 / 60 PAX FAST CREW BOAT - DP1Fast Crew Boat available for sale directly from its reputable Owners that have more than 50 years’ experience within the ship building industry and esteemed craftsmanship/ specialization in design & construction of offshore aluminum crew boats. This 60pax FCB is located in SE Asia, and she was built with high-quality equipment/ systems that includes all materials. Owners reduced price idea for quick sale: USD 3.9M. She is designed by reputable naval architects for narrow channel... read more
1981 | BMC 150 HOT JACK-UP RIG AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALEThis Jack-Up drilling unit just finished its drilling campaign and is back to Owner’s shipyard. She’s available for inspection and ready to be mobilized for next drilling project worldwide. Typical offshore drilling assets are rare to be find on the market these days. * The Rig has valid Class Certificate ’till 2027 * All drilling equipment has valid certificates * All S&P negotiatiotions will be discussed directly with named Buyers & Sellers upon inspections.? * ?*... read more
2007/ 68M/ FIFI-1/ BP-156T/ AHT – LONG DISTANCE OCEAN TOWAGE & SALVAGEBuilt in 2007 by prestigious Japan Marine United Corp, this AHT unit stands as a formidable example of quality offshore engineering excellence. With a Length Overall (LOA) of 68 meters, a breadth of 16.40 meters, and a draft of 5.20 meters, this vessel boasts robust dimensions that reflect its versatility and capability. Designed for diverse harsh environment offshore operations, it has a Deadweight Capacity (DWT) of 2,800 metric tons, providing substantial carrying capacity for various tasks... read more
2022 DP2 MULTI-PURPOSE SUPPORT VESSEL FOR PRIVATE SALEThe offshore support vessel is a robust and versatile maritime unit, designed for diverse roles in offshore subsea operations. With a length overall of 84.85 meters, a breadth molded of 21 meters, and a draft of 5.20 meters, it boasts stability and efficiency in harsh environment sea conditions. Vessel is equipped with a powerful dynamic positioning system (DP-2 Class by Kongsberg) to ensures precise station-keeping capability, enhancing its suitability for a range of offshore support scopes ... read more
TWO SISTER MULTIPURPOSE 9000T LCT TYPE/ TRANSPORT SELF-PROPELLED BARGEThese Two Sister New-built 9000t LCT Type/ Transport Self-Propelled Barges – constructed in 2022, stand as a testament to advanced marine engineering tailored for heavy cargo transportation. Boasting a loaded displacement of 9000 tons, a GRT of 3960, and an NRT of 2217, these barges feature a length overall (LOA) of 109.69 meters, a width of 22 meters, and a draft of 4.5 meters. Propelled by two NINGBO CSI diesel engines, each generating 1103 kW, these barges achieve a practical maximum sp... read more
2013 REFURBISHED 3 LEGS JACK-UP ACCOMMODATION RIG – CHARTER Or Sale The Three-Legged Jack-up Rig, T-2005 C2 type, is a robust offshore drilling platform initially constructed in 1984 by CFEM in Dunkerque, France with prestigious quality and focus on safety. The rig was extensively refurbished in 2013. Classified under DNV + A1 MODU in line with IMO Resolution A414xi, the rig is designed for efficient and safe offshore shallow waters drilling campaigns globally. With a length of 75 meters, a width of 86 meters, and a leg length of 133.5 meters, the rig can ope... read more
2005 AHTS / 60M / FIFI ½ CLASS / 50MT BP OSV / TOWING & SUPPLY VESSELThe AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply) vessel, built in 2005, is a robust offshore support and towing vessel currently located in Indonesia, undergoing dry-dock completion. With a deadweight of 1256 metric tons at a 4.7-meter draft, the vessel boasts a gross tonnage of 1439 metric tons and a net tonnage of 431 metric tons. Its overall dimensions include a length of 60.00 meters, a width of 13.30 meters, and a draft of 4.70 meters. Powered by two Caterpillar 3516 BTA engines, each delivering 23... read more
2002/ UT 738 DESIGN/ 64.3M/ 76T BP/ DP2 AHTS VESSELThe DP-2 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel, built in 2002 by INP Heavy Industries in Ulsan, South Korea, is a versatile maritime vessel designed for anchor handling and support operations. Measuring 64.3 meters in length, with a beam of 15.0 meters and a summer draft of 5.70 meters, it boasts a deadweight of 2117 tons and a gross registered tonnage (GRT) of 1864 tons. Powered by two Bergen diesel engines producing a total of 7200 brake horsepower (bHP), it can achieve a bollard pull of 76 tons a... read more
1998 / DP-3 DIVING SUPPORT / OFFSHORE CONSTRUCTION VESSELConstructed in ’98, this dive support vessel features a DWT of 6,350 MT, a GRT of 6,948, and an NRT of 2,085. With a width of 22.00 m and a summer draft of 6.75 m, the vessel is equipped with a DP3 system, providing a BP of 134 MT. Outfitted with a Penelope Dive System, the vessel’s working deck spans 41.5 m by 20.0 m, accommodating up to 14 persons. Notable features include hyperbaric lifeboat facilities and a moon pool with a clear opening of about 5.60 m by 5.60 m. The vessel&rs... read more
2010/ RIVER-SEA CONTAINER FEEDERThis vessel is built for practical maritime transport, capable of navigating rivers and seas effortlessly. With a 72 TEU container capacity, it focuses on efficiency and adaptability. It has a Gross Tonnage of 1419 and a Net Tonnage of 741, offering a functional balance between size and operational capability. Measuring 63.00 meters in length, 13.60 meters in breadth, and with a draft of 3.59 meters, the vessel is designed for efficiency and easy maneuvering. Powered by two Cummins KTA 38 eng... read more
2007/ 68M/ FIFI-1/ BP-156T/ AHT FOR LONG DISTANCE OCEAN TOWAGE AND SALWith a Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of 2658 and a Net Registered Tonnage (NRT) of 797, this vessel boasts a robust design tailored for Anchor Handling, Towing, Salvage, and Oil Spill Rescue Response. With a striking Length Overall (LOA) of 68 meters, a breadth of 16.40 meters, and a designed draft of 5.20 meters, this vessel navigates the seas with a purposeful presence. Its Deadweight of 2,800 metric tons at a 6.00-meter draft showcases its impressive capacity for a diverse range of mariti... read more
SELF PROPELLED, SEMI SUBMERSIBLE OFFSHORE DRILLING UNITThe Friede & Goldman L-907 Enhanced Pacesetter Semi-Submersible, built in 1983 at Daewoo, Korea, stands as a robust offshore drilling rig with continuous upgrades to meet evolving API industry standards. With dimensions of 80m in length and 62m in width, including sponsons, and the ability to operate in water depths ranging from 250ft to 1,500ft, this rig balances versatility and capability. Accommodating a workforce of 120, the rig features a variable deck with a substantial operating c... read more
DP3 SEMI SUBMERSIBLE ACCOMMODATION / CRANE -FOR BB CHARTER OR SALEThis DP3 Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel is a versatile offshore super heavy-lift solution that can suffice multiple scopes of work within the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, measuring 137.75 meters in length and 81 meters in width. Designed for diverse applications such as accommodation, heavy lifting, installation, and decommissioning, it boasts a redundant DP3 system, ensuring precise positioning during high-risk offshore operations. Equipped with two 1800-ton cranes capable of tan... read more
2003/ 69M/ BP-133T/ FIFI-1/ DP2 AHTS VESSEL AVAILABLE FOR SALEBuilt in 2003, this offshore support vessel stands at 69 meters LOA and 13.2 meters in width. Propelled by two Bergen BRM9 engines, each boasting 5,400 HP, the vessel demonstrates a total installed power of 10,800 HP. With a draft of 5.9 meters and equipped with a DP Class 2 dynamic positioning system, it ensures precise and efficient maneuverability. Featuring a notable Bollard Pull of 133 metric tons and Clear Deck of 500m2 the vessel is well-suited for various offshore tasks. The inclusion... read more
DP3 MPSV FOR PRIVATE SALEThis is a hull that was first started pre 2010 but wasn’t completed and remained in shipyard with the idea of being completed by various Owners and never was. She is currently alongside (A/S) in a European Shipyard. The hull is complete, and the thruster package (all Rolls Royce) is being stored at the Kongsberg facility in Norway – Engines are also installed but are only Tier 1 so will likely be required to be upgraded. Attached are a couple of recent photos taken last month &nda... read more
2008/ UT 755 L/ 72M / DP2 PSV FOR PRIVATE SALEThe DP2 PSV is a highly capable platform supply vessel designed for offshore operations. With a Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of 4956 mt and Net Registered Tonnage (NRT) of 1036 mt, it ensures substantial cargo capacity. The vessel, measuring 72.00 meters in Length Overall (LOA), 16.00 meters in width, and with a draft of 7.00 meters, is engineered for stability and efficiency in diverse offshore harsh environment conditions. Powered by a robust 5450 bhp engine, the DP2 PSV features advanced... read more
76M/ 104.80MT BP/ DP2 AHTS FOR PRIVATE SALEBuilt in 2012 by PT Loh & Loh Construction in Indonesia, this vessel is a powerful and versatile Offshore asset. With a LOA of 76 meters, a breadth of 18.5 meters, and a max draft of 6.4 meters, it has a Deadweight Tonnage (DWT) of 3060 tons and a Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of 3473 tons. Powered by two General Electric 16V228 engines generating a total of 8200 BHP, the vessel is equipped with a DP2 system for dynamic positioning, allowing for precise maneuvering during complex offsho... read more
63M/ 85MT BP/ DP1 (FORMER DP2) AHTS VESSEL (OSV) FOR PRIVATE SALEThis Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (OSV) stands as a stalwart in maritime operations, currently classified as DP1. However, its exceptional built design allows for seamless low-cost recertification upgrade to DP2 class with the installation of two additional reference systems, utilizing its dynamic positioning capabilities in full. With an overall length of 63.00 meters (206.6 ft.), a breadth of 15.00 meters (49.20 ft.), and a depth of 6.10 meters (20.00 ft.), this vessel exudes strength ... read more
 2008/ 70M/ FI-FI 1/ DP2 PSV AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALEWith a length overall of 69.9 meters and a molded breadth of 16.6 meters, this vessel combines a deadweight capacity of 3,085 tonnes and a clear main deck space of 528 square meters. She is powered by 2 Niigata diesel engines 1838 kW, 2,465 BHP each = 4,930 BHP in total and featuring Converteam ADP22 A-Series dynamic positioning DP2 class capabilities. This vessel ensures reliable and controlled performance with precision in harsh offshore environments. Equipped with essential deck machinery, in... read more
Overhauled 2018, Completely Upgraded Jack Up Drilling Rig for Sale LOW PRICE TAG...This Hot 3-Legs offshore Jack-Up Drilling Rig is in good maintenance condition and with complete upgrades of all major equipment including: security and navigation systems, replacement of structural steel, HVAC systems, updating of SCR and MCC electrical systems, toxic and combustible gas detection systems, fire detection system, lifeboats and life-rafts, general and fire alarms systems, telecommunications and GMDSS systems. Unit is built in 1973 and completely upgraded/modified/... read more
2017 / 120.8M / DP-2 MPSV / DSV / OCV / ROV AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALEBuilt in 2017 this Multipurpose Specialized Diving Support/ Subsea Construction Vessel is designed by highly reputable Norwegian naval architects and has a Twin 3-Men Bell, 18-Men Saturation Diving System rated at 300 msw With Twin 3-Men and Twin 6-Men Chambers. The vessel has its own moonpool, an air diving system, and is fitted with one work class and one observation remotely operated vehicle with LARS. A 140T AHC offshore crane and 40t/13.5m Auxiliary Crane for seabed construction work deliv... read more
2002 ULSTEIN A101 DESIGN / DP2 AHTS VESSELThis is a 2002-built Ulstein A101 Norwegian Design DP2 Multi-functional Offshore Service Vessel (MOSV). It features a 640m2 deck space area and a total propulsion of 23500 HP at 750 rpm. Suitable for ROV or Air/Sat diving offshore operations. The vessel is of Norwegian quality built/design and has been well-maintained with a reasonable price tag below the current offshore market value. The keen and respectful Owners welcome LOI’s . Vessel is equipped with Deck crane aft: 1 x 1.1 t SWL at ... read more
2021 DP2 MPSV / DSV/ OCV / ROV / FI-FI 2 AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALEThe vessel is designed according to the class notation “Clean Design” and SPS Code and high focus is given to low fuel consumption, which reduces emission to the environment. FO tank arrangement according to “Clean Design” and MARPOL – oil fuel tank protection. This MPSV is a state of art Norwegian design, and her capabilities fulfil the following duties: – Diving operations with an 18-men (single bell) SAT dive system rated at 300 msw, ROV and seabed co... read more
1998 / 170’ / 78 PAX / DP-1 CREW / FSVOperational vessel with total accommodations of 78 Pax. She has 684 sq.m clear deck area. This unit is suitable for supply, mob/ demob, survey scopes of work or air diving inspections, including STS operations/ towing fenders, carrying hoses & mooring masters. Reputable Owners welcome all offers further inspection. Financing available for US residents.... read more
2016 / 78.25M / DP2 PLATFORM SUPPLY VESSELBuilt in 2016 this DP2 PSV is available for private sale directly from its reputable Owners. Vessel is operational with 760m2 clear deck area and equipped with Fi-Fi 1 class system. Vessel Owners reported that she is well maintained vessel, built with strengthened hull structures that complies with Ice Class B. In addition, she has sufficient hold capacities for multiple offshore supply operations. It needs to be noted that vessel is offered for sale below current offshore market value (CMV) ... read more
2004 / 88.12M DOUBLE HULL OIL/ CHEMICAL BUNKERING TANKERBuilt in 2004 this double hull oil/ chemical (bunkering) tanker – type 2 is available for sale in Southeast Asia. Vessel Owners welcomes all interested Buyers to inspect that she can be appreciated. Vessel is in well maintained condition for its age and can be utilized efficiently by start-up investor(s) for bunkering operations in South America, Middle East, Africa or Malaisia regions. Vessel is offered for sale below current market value (CMV) prices. With respect, Owners invite Only Di... read more
OPERATIONAL 1981 BMC 160 JACK-UP DRILLING RIG AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SAClassed ABS, A1, Self-Elevating Drilling Unit, built in 1981 by prestigious Singaporean shipyard with 3 independent tubular legs/ length of 217 ft (each) and capacity to accommodate 92 personnel is available for Private Sale from its reputable Owners. This Cantilever type Jack-Up with BMC 160 Design has Light ship of 11246.08 kips and 1000 kips Rig max. rotary load with overall hull Dimensions 151 ft. long x 156 ft. wide x 18 ft deep. Rig Displacement is: 14520 kips. Rig Operating Water D... read more
2016 | 136 TEU CONTAINER SHIP FOR PRIVATE SALEKey Highlights: Year of Build: The ship was constructed in 2016, making it a relatively new vessel with modern design and technology. Unused: This container ship has never been used, which means it’s in pristine condition and ready for its maiden voyage. TEU Capacity: With a TEU capacity of 136, this ship is perfect for handling various cargo types efficiently. Competitive Pricing: The owner’s asking price of USD 1.25 million is a fantastic deal considering the ship&rsquo... read more
 2015 & 2019 FOUR SISTER 40M/ 100 PAX CREW/ UTILITY BOATS FOR SALEThe 40M Aluminum Crew/Utility Boat is a versatile and rugged vessel designed to excel in a variety of maritime tasks. With a length of 40 meters and a beam of 8.20 meters, it provides a spacious deck and comfortable accommodations for both passengers and crew, making it a reliable choice for offshore/ marine operations. Exceptional Capacity: This vessel boasts an impressive deadweight capacity of approximately 170 metric tons. It is more than capable of carrying heavy cargo, equipment, and m... read more
2013 | DP2 PSV, IMT 982 DESIGN AVAILABLE FOR SALEThis robust and versatile PSV is constructed in 2013 with an impressive Length Overall (LOA) of 83.22 meters and a Length Between Perpendiculars (P.P.) of 74.95 meters, it offers substantial space and capabilities for various offshore supply operations. Its Breadth Moulded measures 18.00 meters, providing stability and ample deck space. The vessel’s Depth Moulded is 7.20 meters, allowing for significant cargo and equipment storage capacity. With a Light Operating Draft (Draft when no... read more
2002 / 170′ / 78 PAX / DP-1 FAST SUPPLY VESSEL (FSV)This vessel efficiently supports offshore operations. It’s 170 feet long with a 28-foot beam, reaching a speed of 25 knots. Equipped with advanced navigation systems and safety standards. Offers ample capacity for water and fuel. A dependable asset for offshore logistics. Fresh USCG COI, RINA class, and buyer’s preference for name/homeport. Buyer’s choice of paint colors. Delivery time estimated 60-90 days. Owners can remove the vessel’s center main drive train. Reduci... read more
2000 BUILT | VLCC CRUDE OIL TANKER FOR PRIVATE SALE2000 Built VLCC for Private Sale (Direct from its Owners) THE BWTS EQUIPMENT AND PIPE PREFABRICATION COULD BE UPGRADED AS PER BUYERS’ REQUIREMENTS. She is idle in Southeast Asia anchorage, where she can be given prompt delivery to Buyer. Keen Owners prefer a quick sale and price is negotiable upon completed inspection. Vessel is available as is/ where is, otherwise, she will enter drydock, to pass DD class survey in China.... read more
1600T DP2 / ICE CLASS B SELF-ELEVATING OFFSHORE WIND TURBINE VESSELThe Self-Elevating Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Platform is a state-of-the-art vessel designed and equipped to facilitate the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. This versatile platform has been purpose-built to meet the demanding requirements of the offshore renewable energy industry, enabling the construction and servicing of wind farms in various offshore environments. Key Features and Specifications: Dimensions: With an impressive length overall (LOA) of 139.2 met... read more
DP2 OFFSHORE CONSTRUCTION VESSEL (OCV) FOR PRIVATE SALEThe 227m Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV), ABS-classified and constructed by prestigious Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd. Although originally, she is built as large mining vessel but could easily be converted to large Offshore Construction Vessel. Vessel never delivered – Seatrials successfully completed. Notably, it comes without mining equipment. She could also have a larger crane installed due to her size – 227m x 40m, enhancing its capabilities for heavy-lift construction & ... read more
 2009 / DP2 AHTS / 6140 BHP / 82.5T BP AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALECapacities Deck area: (5mt/m2) ; Total 331 m2 Deck cargo: 540 mt Fuel oil: 606 m3 Drill/ water/ ballast: 458 m3 Fresh water: 354 m3 Liquid mud (8 tanks) : 651 m3 total Dry bulk/ cement: 156 m3 Foam: 14.5 m3 Enclosed Vessel Specs Below Note: With respect, reputable Owners require NCNDA to be completed from interested direct Buyers and its appointed representatives in order to disclose all commercial or technical information/ documentation.... read more
1997 / 165? / 90 PAX / DP-1 CREW SUPPLY BOATWith precise specifications, this vessel stands as a dependable choice within its class. It features an overall length of 165 feet, a beam of 30 feet, and a depth of 12 feet, offering ample space for passengers and cargo. Equipped with four KTA38M Cummins engines, each generating 1350BHP, this vessel achieves a cruising speed of 21 knots. Its maneuverability is enhanced by a light draft of 5 feet 1 inch, ensuring adaptability to various maritime conditions. The onboard accommodations cater... read more
1990 / 55 PAX / 135′ CREW SUPPLY BOATWith a length overall of 135ft and a beam of 26ft, it provides a reliable platform. Accommodating up to 55 passengers, it ensures comfortable onboard arrangements. Experience exceptional performance with a speed of 23 knots and a fuel consumption rate of 140 GPH. The vessel offers significant capacities, including 20,700 gallons of potable water and 4,300 gallons of ship/transferable fuel, along with 5,600 gallons of transferable fuel. Stay connected with advanced communication systems, su... read more
1994 / 140? / 67 PAX CREW SUPPLY BOATDesigned for efficient maritime logistics operations. With a length of 140ft and a swift speed of 23 knots, it ensures efficient performance in various conditions. Accommodating up to 67 passengers, it offers comfortable onboard arrangements. Exceptional capabilities with generous capacities of 20,700 gallons for potable water and 5,600 gallons for transferable fuel. The vessel’s cargo deck, measuring 77ft in length and 24ft in width, provides ample space to accommodate up to 135 LT of ... read more
65 PAX FAST SUPPLY VESSELBuilt in 2000, this practical Fast Supply Vessel features 508.02 MT of Deadweight Tonnage (DWT), 88.9 MT of Gross Tonnage (GRT), and 60.78 MT of Net Tonnage (NRT). Measuring 53.34 m in length and 9.75 m in width, it’s powered by three 4,474.8 kW engines, cruising at 29 knots. With a cargo deck area of 273.01 m² capable of carrying 300 MT, it’s equipped with stabilizing features, firefighting gear, and amenities like a walk-in cooler and freezer. Accommodating seven crew membe... read more
1998 LPG GAS TANKER AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALEThis double side hull LPG gas tanker is under cp party voyage/ operating in UAE region. Vessel is trading and she can be inspected with arrangements in advance with minimum fuss. Vessel complies with IMO Resolution A.741(18). All SIRE & CDI inspections are up to date. This is good storage project for Africa region and vessel can be modified with low-cost expenditures. In addition, she has Panama Canal Net Tonnage (PCNT) : 7,476.00. Ocean passages: 50% of the deepest draught Fai... read more
2003 / 138,000 CBM100% LIQUEFIED GAS CARRIER / LNG AVAILABLE FOR SALEAs per Oct-6th 2022 global market evaluation, it needs to be noted that Charter rates on spot for newer LNG carriers (of which there are few) touched US$270k/day. The older units such as same size for 1-2 yr TC are commanding US$150-200K/day as supply is limited. While please check market rates in advance further enquiries. Owners are inviting interest basis delivery mid 2023 after present charter discussions. At time of delivery, SS/DD will be passed and BWTS Fitted. Any discussions reg... read more
VARIOUS REFURBISHED & NEW PORTABLE AIR / SATURATION DIVING SYSTEMSAir & Saturation Diving Systems We have a wide range of used and new offshore equipment available for sale. Enclosed list of equipment for review. All portable Air & Saturation Diving Systems are available further inspection. Should you have typical purchase enquiries please contact us further quotation offer. All prices are very competitive.... read more
VARIOUS 2ND HAND & NEWBUILD FERRIES + LAND CRAFTSSee enclosed Specs & Photographs of various ferries & land crafts available for sale directly from its reputable Owners. We can develop more than 20 operational typical vessels with prices in range from 750K Euros to 2m Euros. All assets are built with good quality and Owner’s welcome interested Buyers to appreciate their work further inspection. Contact us with your approved budget figures further inspection in beautiful Greece. We will take care for the rest.... read more
5 X 2020-2022 / DP2 & DP3 MULTI-PURPOSE SUBSEA DIVE SUPPORT / ROVAll Vessels are designed according to the class notation “Clean Design” and SPS Code and high focus is given to low fuel consumption, which reduces emission to the environment. FO tank arrangement according to “Clean Design” and MARPOL – oil fuel tank protection. Vessels is designed to full following duties: Diving operations with 18 men or 24 men (single bell) SAT dive system rated at 300 msw, ROV and seabed construction work. In addition to diving, and constructi... read more
2022/ 150T BP/ DP2 AHTS VESSEL AVAILABLE FOR CHARTER OR PRIVATE SALEThis high-performance Multipurpose Anchor Handling Tug, Supply Vessel is ideally suited for Anchor Handling Operations, Intensive Multi – Jacket Inspection, Maintenance and Repair offshore campaigns. Vessel is located in MENA region. She is suitable to work in UAE, South America, SE Asia and North Sea regions. Additional offshore equipment such as ROV, Sat Dive System and W2W Gangway safe crew transportation – all available to be installed on board of vessel further projects mobiliza... read more
TWO LOW COST 12-MAN PORTABLE SATURATION DIVING SYSTEMSSAT-012 is a modular Saturation Diving System built with good quality in 2011, located in Italy. This unit have been stored since COVID started. While it is in need of refurbishing before going diving. This is 12-Man and rated to 210msw. SAT-014: is also 12-man Saturation Diving System (depth rating 200msw) currently in “Lay-up”. This sat unit is built in 2012. This unit has current ABS Status and will need to undergo – Hull 1 & Hull 2 ABS Survey as part of the 10 year... read more
SUPER M2 / 3-LEGS SELF-ELEVATING JACK UP DRILLING UNITThis 3-Legs Super M2 design Jack Up Drilling Rig has 350ft water depth capabilities with total leg length 411ft. This is a newbuild re-sale and Owners will consider outright purchase. PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS Length o.a. : 59.745m Beam o.a. : 55.78 m Depth moulded: 7.62m Transit Draught: 4.8m Hull Material: AH36 (Main Hull), EH36(Spud can), B(Acc.) No. of legs: 3 Leg length: 125.3m Spud can diameter: 12.09m Spud can height: 4.57m * Bareboat Charter numbers as per current offshore m... read more
DP3 OFFSHORE ACCOMMODATION SUPPORT VESSEL W/ LARGE DECK & CRANEThis high-performance DP3 Offshore Accommodation Support Vessel is ideally suited for intensive maintenance including subsea, repair and construction/ installation campaigns. Vessel offers 850m2 flat upper deck, 1 x 100 MT SWL & 1 x 225 MT SWL crane respectively. She has diesel electric propulsion with capabilities to carry Sikorsky S 92 helicopters. In addition, vessel can accommodate 299 persons on board. She’s available for Charter for offshore projects in 2024. Vessel can be char... read more

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